Creative Breakfast Mastermind is a program for creative leaders and high-achieving individuals who want to grow together and lead.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will work in a creative team to grow professionally as well as work on a group project to make something good for your local or workplace community.


Week 1 - Who you are, what are you good/bad at, and what do you want from your life? How could you use your talents to have an impact?

Goal Setting

Week 2 - Together we will set ambitious goals and write a plan to achieve them. We will keep each other accountable of keeping it realistic and achievable.

Find your creative voice

Week 3-4 What kind of leader are you? As Brene Brown says ``Who we are is how we lead``. If you already know your voice well, we will work on using it more often.

Removing limiting beliefs

Week 5 - We will work on a mindset that will help you to keep growing. If you are a fearless person, we will make the best of your leadership skills.

What the world needs?

Week 6-7 - We will study what are the most important issues of our local communities, schools, workplaces, and decide together what the world needs the most from us right now.

Business mindset

Week 8-9 - How will our company be able to fund those changes? How to run a nonprofit for the local community? How can we become a good public speakers to promote our causes?

Empathy & Leadership

Week 10 - How can we understand our audience better? How to connect on emotional level? How can we become courageous leaders that inspire change? Let's build resilient teams together.

Community project

Week 11-12 - Group project, where we work together on improving different aspects of our local/workplace communities. Learn to solve problems and make a change.

Benefits and Growth


Find your purpose and values

Become an empathetic leader

Set and achieve ambitious career goals

Learn from a team with different expertise

For Your Community

Learn to build resilient teams

Lead with empathy to build loyal teams

Build communities that thrive in the hardest times

Build a meaningful business where people love to work

Support a cause that you always cared about

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a place where a group of people meets together to work on their personal growth and help each other grow. It helps you to get fresh eyes on your business, solve frustrating problems, and organize your future steps. You will also have a partner that will keep you accountable for achieving those goals. It brings together years of expertise from different industries, cultures, and experiences. All those experts will bring valuable insights for working on a common goal.

Who is it for?

High-achieving individuals, leaders, and change-makers who are ready to be vulnerable and do work with impact. The mastermind is open to copywriters, event planners, designers, photographers, filmmakers, and other creative industries. The seats are limited to 10-20 people, depending on the group.

Why this program?

Over the last 7 years of my career as a strategist, designer, and illustrator, I learned that my biggest struggle was between financial stability and doing something that I am passionate about. One could not work without the other and I would always feel burned out. What if the cause you care about could be the project that brings you big clients and meaningful projects at the same time?

What kind of causes will we work on?

We should work very closely as a team and bring to the table things we care about. It could be anything from building awareness about mental health, starting a fundraiser for a local school, to improving company culture. We will learn how to divide our strengths the best and pick the cause that we all believe could have the biggest impact.

How much does it cost?

The program can be paid in 3 installments of 490$ or as one payment of 1250$.

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